fuck fucking kelly fucking cutrone.fuck fucking smelly hearted fucking cheerleading bitch kristin.fuck the fucking stupid unnecessary fucking drama between girls.fuck fucking laura.i want ms and mr J back right about fucking now.

Tyra i love you.the eerily pumped up mr rob whatever i don’t love you thank god u don’t suck as much as ur muscles.bryanboy i love you.Leila was my favourite girl too still is! and she’s coming back and she’s going to win it fucking other college bitches.i love you brittany too.and yay nastasia deserved to win this challenge.ahh antm blues.and this fucking rage is fucking mounting i hate local music im not voting.i hate your friends i hate you.i hate essays.i hate school.i hate talking when i don’t want to.



Leila got eliminated from ANTM omg WHAT NO WHY I HSKJDghagsfagsjfhjhkj words are gone