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"I am fenced in, planted here like one of my own trees."

Virginia Woolf, The Waves (via greenturtleisland)

(via greenturtleisland)


new painting
"The writer is more concerned to know than to judge."

Quote from the Somerset Maugham novel ‘The Moon and Sixpence’ (via jamesgrantbrown)

S. Kozlowski, Oczy (Eyes), Poland, 1959

DEMON DENTISTby David WalliamsThe new jaw-achingly funny novel from David Walliams, the number one bestselling author! Make your appointment if you dare…Darkness had come to the town. Strange things were happening in the dead of night. Children would put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they would wake up to find…a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow. Evil was at work. But who or what was behind it…? Read this book and find out!
"Creative people are confident in only one thing: their own doubt. I think there’s a huge lack of self-confidence in a creative person because, by nature, the definition of a creative person is someone who is trying to make something new. They know, if they are professional creatives, that the likelihood of doing that—making something new and significant—is hugely unlikely, so they build within that city of doubt. From doubt, they get to iterate and work extremely hard, hoping to find something new; it’s all about hope. I’ve never met anyone who is good at what they do creatively and is super-confident. Maybe they pretend to be confident in front of their agent or the media, but I’ve never been confident in that way."

A conversation with the inimitable John Maeda. Complement with Seth Godin on dancing with self-doubt and Anna Deavere Smith’s advice to artists on what self-esteem really means. (via thekidshouse)

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“Look. See, some are smaller, some are fatter, some grow to the left, some to the right, some even have lost some petals. All kinds of observable differences.”
Go see the REVENGE OF THE SHOWDOWNS exhibition at Gallery 1988(WEST) in LA now until August 2!

Laura Marling

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"Compassion directed toward oneself is true humility."

Simone Weil (via greenturtleisland)

ca. 1880, [tintype portrait of ‘Old Dick’]
via Jeremy Rowe Vintage Photography